Welcome to treasuretrove video. I sell and trade dvd and Bluray from my personal collection. I also
buy and trade for any movies that I'm missing.

Package deals and price negotiation available upon email moc.evil|oedivevorterusaert#moc.evil|oedivevorterusaert

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Just copy this adress and paste it into your email

Currently I only accept usps money order (unless you wanna do local pickup in miami).
Base price on these is 5$ give or take +(shipping=1.90)+(us post office delivery confirmation~2.50)
You'll save this part if you pick it up yourself in miami. I'm willing to give competitive discounts.

Email me with your shipping address for the invoice, I'll tell you where to send the Money Order
and I'll ship to you. See my other pages in "list all pages" for more! Also email me if you
want to pick it up locally.

I highly recomend that you email me to make sure I have the movie on hand and that it's not sold out.

Also-email-me-if-you-have-a-title-I may-be-interested-in

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